Zero 11X (32Ah LG)

89,900.00 ฿

ZERO 11X - Supremely Powerful

The ZERO 11X pushes the limit between what separates an electric scooter and a motorbike. This is the most rugged and powerful model in the ZERO series and it does not disappoint. Truly, this is not a machine for every rider, but if you are an enthusiast, the ZERO 11X is what every enthusiast rider would desire.

Equipped with dual 1600W high speed motors, achieving a top speed of 95 kmh, the ZERO 11X is the ultimate thrill seekers' plaything. 

Ride Comfort

What is power without the comfort and ability to control it? The ZERO 11X steering system is a motorcycle style rugged twin steering pole capped off with a ergonomic riser handlebar that curves towards the rider that allows upright steering. This allows the rider to ride comfortably without having to bend forward or lean backwards. 

Supporting the scooter and a rider with max weight of up to 120kg (with a cumulative payload of 170kg!!!) are 2 mega sized 165mm hydraulic spring suspensions. These custom spring hydraulic shock absorbers have adjustable stiffness so that you can adjust them to your weight and off/on road use. This adjustment feature is especially useful when you require a higher suspension for off road use but a lower suspension for normal road use.

State of the Art Braking Power

It is absolutely essential to have equally sized stopping power to match the oversized motor power. The ZERO 11X comes installed with Taiwanese made Nutt hydraulic brakes with cooling fins. The task of stopping 3200W of raw power from the motors requires cooling capabilities so that your brake pads do not overheat. 

Safety Features

The ZERO 11X comes with twin motorcycle style flood lighting that makes one very visible in any riding conditions. Together with its brake and rear lighting, the ZERO 11X shines the way in low light conditions. There is also enough room along the twin steering poles to add additional lighting if needed. 

The Z11X's hydraulic brakes also comes with an electronic-brake system meaning a slight tap on the brakes will cut off the front and rear motor. This is a safety feature which greatly reduces braking distance. 

Going for Range

Packed with a 32Ah battery with LG/Samsung cells, the ZERO 11X is made for the long road, assuming you do not go full throttle all the way. At Eco Mode, which is the energy conserving mode of going "slow" at 35kmh, the 32Ah 72V battery pack can give you upwards of 120km per charge. When gunning for max speed, the ZERO 11X will fall to approximately a third of the eco mode range.  



Heres a video comparison of the ZERO 10X vs the ZERO 11X: 


Battery 72V 32Ah (LG cells)
Tires Front and rear 11 x 3 inch pneumatic tires
Range 100km (eco mode) for 32Ah
Max Load 150kg
Top Speed
Brakes Front and rear hydraulic e-brakes
Gross Weight 54kg
Suspension Front and Spring/hydraulic suspension
Lighting 2 front flood lights and 2 rear LED lights
Motor Power 72V 1600W x 2
Controller Output 45A x 2
Box Dimension

150 x 40 x 70cm


Limited 1 year warranty on electronic parts



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