Corporate Services

Electric scooter corporate rental services

Falcon Go offers a wide range of corporate services for our electric scooters and electric bikes. Whether you are hosting a larger scale event where e-scooters could provide convenience to your guests, or whether you are looking to purchase e-scooters or e-bikes customised to your company's needs, we can work out an ideal solution for you.

As we stock many models of electric scooters and electric bikes, do contact us for more information, so we can recommend you the perfect electric vehicle for your needs. If you have special requirements such as anti-theft alarms, GPS tracking or geo-fencing, we can also modify our e-scooters or e-bikes to suit your needs.

We have had extensive experiences dealing with clients from both the government and corporate sectors, such as Airports of Thailand (AOT), Rosewood Bangkok, Banpu and Rugby School Thailand.

If you are interested in our corporate services, do contact us for more information.

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