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Dualtron Spider

The Dualtron Spider represents a significant leap forward in the innovation of electric scooters. Until now, choosing an escooter meant one had to choose between power and portability.

However, this engineering marvel by Minimotors has completely changed the game. It is an extremely powerful electric scooter with its speed maxing out at 65km/h. With such power, scooters tend to be heavy, but this dual motor e-scooter only weighs 20kg, making it one of the most lightweight and powerful scooters in the world.

By using an aerospace aluminium alloy for its frame, dual BLDC magnesium motors and a carbon fiber handlebar, Minimotors managed to keep the weight of this scooter incredibly light.

Customizing the suspension on your Dualtron Spider to your preference is also easy with the optional replaceable rear suspension cartridges. The Spider comes stock with medium cartridges, but there are two softer and two firmer cartridges to choose from.

Dualtron Spider electric scooter throttle


Model Dualtron Spider
Motor Covers Material Lightweight Magnesium Motors
Max Power (Dual) 3000W
Battery Capacity (Watt-Hours) 1050Wh
Max Speed 65 Km/h
Max Mileage (Max Riding Distance) 60 Km
Gradeability (Max Uphill Climb Ability) 45% (25°) Max Road Inclination
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Battery (LG battery cells)
Battery Capacity 60V 17.5Ah
Charging Time 9 Hours with 2A Standard Charger | 3.5 Hours with 6.5A Fast Charger
Lights Dual LED Headlight & Taillight / Brakelight
Braking Mechanical Brakes +ABS Anti-Lock Braking +Regenerative Braking
Tires 10 Inch On-Road Tires
Suspension Front Rubber Suspension , 5-type changeable Rear Rubber Suspension
Dashboard 3rd Gen Smart EyE Throttle ( Battery, Trip, ODO, Time, Speed, Mode  and etc)
Smart EyE Throttle Functions Cruise Control | Magnetic Brake | Auto Power Save
Folding Two-Touch Double Folding
Frame and Handle Material Ultralight Aerospace 7075 Aluminium Alloy
Handlebars Material Ultralight Carbon Fibre
Shaft Material High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel
Covers Material Polypropylene
Max Rider Weight 120Kg
Product Weight 19.9KG
Optional Security Fingerprint Lock

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