Dualtron Victor (30Ah LG) / (Pre-order)

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Dualtron Victor (60V 30Ah LG)

Minimotors is presenting what is one of their most exciting new models for 2021, the Dualtron Victor 60V 30Ah electric scooter.

Mounted on the frame of the Dualtron 3, the Victor is equipped with the folding mechanism of the new Dualtron Storm, more robust than the previous models. The Dualtron Victor electric scooter thus overshadows the Dualtron Thunder, as its lighter by more than 10kg but still offering similar performance. Like the Thunder,  Victor offers adjustable suspensions on 9 different levels. Hence, the Victor is giving you the opportunity to have the speed, power, longevity, performance, and quality of a 100,000 THB scooter for under 80,000 THB.

To stop the beast, the Dualtron Victor is equipped with NUTT or ZOOM hydraulic brakes, like the Dualtron Storm, Thunder, and Ultra 2, as well as the traditional electromagnetic brakes.

The Dualtron Victor offers up to 80km of range in eco mode thanks to its 60V 30Ah LG battery. Rather new on this type of model, Minimotors has chosen to fit the Victor electric scooter with 10 x 3 tube tires. 

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