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Introducing the next generation of electric scooters from the most exciting lineup of 2021

VSETT 10+ e-scooter สกู๊ตเตอร์ไฟฟ้า

Years of experience have led us here. From the same team that brought us the ZERO scooters, they have improved on every aspect of the ZERO e-scooters and have launched the VSETT brand.

The VSETT 10+ is one of the most exciting electric scooters of 2021 as it offers a perfect combination of beautiful design, performance and great features.

It's dual 1400W motors accelerates up to a max speed of 80kmh on SPORT MODE. This yellow coloured beast is smooth and quiet even at high speeds. And it’s rear hydraulic + spring suspension offers riding comfort of the top level.

The VSETT 10+ is also fully packed with features such as the NFC key which you can use to lock your scooter. It has turning signal lights ⬅️↔️➡️ integrated into the handlebar grip so your hands never have to leave the handlebar. The folding mechanism is also upgraded as compared to most other e-scooters. It has a 3 level safety locking mechanism so the stem is always tight. No more shaky stems!! 

And to top it all off, the VSETT 10+ features a SPORT MODE that will boost your top speed for 2 mins to a max of 75-80km/h. This SPORT mode function increases the Amp output of the controllers for 2 mins,

Don't let anything stop you from riding, rain or shine. All VSETT models are IP54 water resistant.

VSETT 10+ escooter handlebar


Motor Dual 60V 1400W Motors
Max Load 150KG
Max Speed 80 km/h (SPORT Mode)
Max Range 50-60 km (20.8Ah) / 60-80km (25.6Ah LG)
Battery 60V 20.8Ah / 25.6Ah (LG)
Charging Time 10 Hours
Weight 36 kg
Suspension Front spring and rear spring + hydraulic suspension
Tyres 10x3" Front and Rear Air Tyres
Braking System Front and Rear Hydraulic Brake
Lights Front lights, rear brake lights, and front and rear turning signal lights
Accessories Included: Charger, User Manual, Toolkit
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty covering all electrical parts

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