Tsinova TS01 E-Bike (Pre-order)

41,900.00 ฿

Tsinova TS01 - A Smart Vintage Electric Bike

The Tsinova TS01 electric bicycle is a beautiful vintage electric bicycle with a great blend of retro style and technology.


The Tsinova e-bikes use a clever drivetrain system that sees the bike react to the rider and the environment’s need. Called VeloUp, it uses a series of sensors to judge the road condition and the rider’s intention. For example, it will understand if you want to simply go quickly, or if you’re pedaling harder to get up a hill, then adjust the power delivery accordingly. 

Tsinova smart e-bike


It’s all powered by a lithium-ion battery with an up to 70km range, and a two-hour recharge time, plus a smartphone app that connects using Bluetooth. The app includes navigation, access to different modes, the security system, and data on the battery and your own use of the bike.

Tsinova e-bike app


Tsinova electric bicycle

Tsinova light electric bike

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