Inokim Mini+

23,900.00 ฿

The Inokim Mini+

The Inokim Mini is the latest electric scooter designed by the Israeli-based market leader, MYWAY company. The Inokim Mini is designed to be a lightweight portable last mile solution without compromising on safety and ride comfort.

The Inokim Mini weighs only 8.7kg, in addition, Inokim has managed to blend design and compactness of this model. The built-in trolley wheels on the Mini allows easy trolleying of the scooter on public transport such as MRT and bus.

inokim mini e-scooter roll trolley wheels

Safety & Ride Comfort

The INOKIM Mini comes 6-inch pneumatic front tire and a rear 6" solid tire which handles bumps & potholes well, and provides better traction on slippery surfaces, making your ride comfortable and safe. The INOKIM Mini comes with front EABS electric brake, rear fender brake, and a USB port on the front handle to recharge gadgets.

inokim mini electric scooter light fast


Portable/Foldable Design

The INOKIM Mini weighs just 8.5 kg and can be folded within seconds for easy storage or carrying around. The additional trolley wheels allow easy trolley and allowing the scooter to stand vertically to save space.

inokim mini light foldable electric scooter

Intuitive Control
Unlike the Inokim Light and Quick series, the Inokim Mini uses a button throttle to accelerate instead of a thumb throttle. Simply press and hold the accelerate button on the right and give it a kick to start cruising, press the button again to cruise at top speed. A regular thumb throttle can be found on the Inokim MINI+.

inokim mini e-scooter usb charge phone

Two Versions Available:

Mini: 2 buttons for brake and accelerate 
Mini+: Regular throttle for brake and acceleration + 36V 250W motor upgrade 

Check out the detailed specifications of the INOKIM Mini and INOKIM MINI+  :

Detailed Specifications:

MODEL INOKIM Mini (Button Version)
INOKIM Mini+ (Throttle Version)
WEIGHT 8.5 KG 8.7 KG
BATTERY 21.7V 7.8 AH 36V 5.8 AH
MOTOR 200 W 250 W
WHEELS Front tire 6" pneumatic
Rear 6" solid rubber
Front tire 6" pneumatic
Rear 6" solid rubber
BRAKES EABS Electronic Brake + Rear Fender Brake EABS Electronic Brake + Rear Fender Brake
DISTANCE 17 - 20 KM 17 - 20 KM
USB output 5V 1A 5V 1A
Protection Class IP57 IP57
Main Material 6061/6063 T6 Aluminum
6061/6063 T6 Aluminum
Product Dimension Unfolded: 91cm X 38.4cm X 113.5CM
Folded: 87cm X 38.4cm X 30cm
Unfolded: 91cm X 38.4cm X 113.5CM
Folded: 87cm X 38.4cm X 30cm

Not included: Carry Strap

Not included: Carry Strap

1 Year Limited Factory Warranty by Inokim

1 Year Limited Factory Warranty by Inokim 

About the company

INOKIM/MYWAY is a pioneering company which created the ‘last mile solution’ for commuting: the concept of dividing commuting into two stages, whereby long distances are covered by traditional transportation such as trains and cars, and crowded urban environments are navigated via personal mobility tools such as electric scooters. MYWAY annually invests 30% of its profits on research and development in bringing cutting edge technology into its designs, making their e-scooters the leaders in the market.

INOKIM/MYWAY is the brainchild of the award-winning designer Nimrod Riccardo Sapir.

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